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2018 – A Year In Review

We know two important facts about personal savings -- one, it can mean the difference between surviving a financial shock or not, and two, very few Americans have enough emergency savings to last them a month in the event of a crisis.  This is particularly true of low-income individuals and families. While we hope to assist our clients with long-term financial planning and goals, the peer learning committee recognizes that helping our community build any kind of emergency savings is an essential first step towards greater financial stability.

For that reason, we focused our efforts in 2018 on how all organizations can work together toward the goal of savings.  The CT ABC integrates partners who target different areas of need among low-income residents.  Although as organizations we may train our sights on food access, housing, financial literacy, employment, transportation, heat assistance, and other social determinants, our clients experience all of these issues at once.  Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to join forces with a singular purpose and what better goal than to help individuals through our areas of expertise and in partnership to build an emergency savings fund. 

CT Asset Building events and activities in 2018 included:

February 21 Peer Learning discussing “Why Savings?”

October 31 Peer Learning exploring how to better integrate social services with financial empowerment services.

November 8 Greater Waterbury Regional Meeting