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About the Collaborative


In 2012, several Connecticut nonprofit organizations sent representatives to the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) conference in Washington, D.C.  When they returned they met several times to share information and began asking why Connecticut did not have many of the programs and services that other states presented at the conference.  They also asked whether an organization solely devoted to the purpose of promoting asset building for low and moderate income families would be beneficial in Connecticut, as was true in other states.  After consulting with other organizations and key stakeholders in the state, the group decided a state-wide organization devoted to asset building could serve as a catalyst to expand opportunities for increasing the financial capability and stability of families, and so the Connecticut Asset Building Collaborative was conceived and officially launched in November 2013.

Our Vision

All families and individuals in Connecticut acquire the knowledge and ability to navigate the financial services field and effectively manage their personal finances, and are empowered to take advantage of a broad range of opportunities to build wealth, thus fundamentally improving life for disadvantaged Connecticut residents.


Raise Awareness/Educate

  • Outreach to Media
  • Educate consumers,  public/private social service agencies, legislators, funders
  • Disseminate research on need for and efficacy of asset building/financial capability services and programs


  • Advocate for administrative and legislative policies that support asset-building for low-income individuals and families.
  • Advocate for expansion of asset-building opportunities for low-income individuals and families.

 Build Member Service Delivery and Advocacy Capacity

  • Share best practices
  • Facilitate peer learning opportunities
  • Provide TA to nonprofits
  • Conduct advocacy trainings
  • Develop shared metrics for program evaluation
  • Provide TA to public and non-profit agencies

Connect stakeholders statewide and nationally

  • Create/maintain state directory of programs
  • Ongoing outreach to diverse stakeholders
  • Regularly communicate with members on opportunities, actions, information, etc.
  • Leverage national Assets & Opportunity Network for learning and advocacy resources and to enhance impact
  • Promote increased partnerships and coordination to enhance service delivery.
  • Communicate collaborative activities to members.