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Steering Committee

Steering Committee

Purpose:  The Steering Committee is the group that sets the direction for the Collaborative and coordinates the very active committees. Anyone is welcome to attend the (almost) monthly meetings, which are listed on our calendar, though only the members can vote.  In the future the Steering Committee will be made up of 5 regional representatives (NW, SW, NC, SC, E); 4 stakeholder/program area reps and 3 at-large reps.  This will insure some diversity of representation.  Officers should be elected by the board.  Terms will be staggered two-year terms. A slate will be developed by a nominating committee.  


Steering Committee Member Responsibilities

  • Attend quarterly meetings
  • Represent the Collaborative at outside meetings as appropriate
  • Coordination of the Collaborative
  • ABC Planning and organizational policy development
  • Fundraising
  • Supervision of any dedicated staff
  • Financial oversight
  • Nominating committee
  • Help identify and recruit key strategic partners


Each committee should have at least one Steering Committee member to ensure communication across structures.  This need not be the committee chair.  Committee size will vary. Committees can be made up of both general and associate members.


Contact: Joy Duva

Members of the Steering Committee: